Soft Bullet Gun

    Soft Bullet Guns have been in the toy market for a long time because of their unique, fun and safe game play since the 1980s, and have been popular with many children and even adults. The soft bullets used in the game are reusable, so these clean, harmless toy guns do not require any consumables, this is their distinguishing feature. The Soft bullet blaster not only brings back childhood memories and evokes your nostalgia, but it's also one of the best parent-child toys for spending quality time with your children.

    What is a Soft Bullet Gun?

    A soft bullet gun is a toy gun that can fire foam darts and foam balls. It is also known as a soft bullet blaster, which is a catch-all term for any toy gun that can fire foam bullets or darts. The first soft bullet guns, such as the well-known Hasbro Nerf blaster series, were created in the late 1980s. Soft bullet blasters are very popular in the toy market because of their shooting mode, but also because of their low impact and safe way of playing, especially among boys and young people. It has become a common toy for simulating outdoor shooting games.

    Soft bullet guns are available to consumers in the vast majority of international markets but are not sold in a small number of regions due to laws and toy safety franchising in certain countries. Soft bullet guns produced by regular manufacturers will have strict quality inspection procedures, which cannot reach the level of attack power to harm the human bodies and animals, and there is no illegal problem. However, parents should tell their children that they must be equipped with protective equipment when buying such toys, and at the same time inform the children of the matters that they should pay attention to, so as to avoid the children accidentally injuring themselves or others.

    Most soft bullet blasters come with all of the necessary protective gear and foam ammo, and you can also buy ammo refills separately. There are many soft bullet guns on the market that use compatible darts and ammunition to leverage the existing ecosystem of well-known brands. However, some unique blasters will use customized special accessories to attract consumption or require you to buy them separately, which has also led to the development of a modding community around this toy, such as improving the fun, accuracy, and performance of the soft bullet gun by upgrading parts and crafting unique ammo, as well as allowing hobbyists to hold various forms of recreational competition through this toy and war games.

    How Does a Soft Bullet Gun Works?

    Now for some science: the majority of soft bullet blasters are built around projectile engineering and design. Different soft bullet guns use different firing mechanisms and dart loading mechanisms.

    The majority of soft bullet toy guns on the market, however, rely on a pressure ejection system comprised of a plunger, a spring, and a valve. To begin, the plunger can pressurize the air in the barrel, resulting in a pressurized air chamber. When the trigger is pulled, the potential energy of the pressurized air in the air chamber is converted into kinetic energy stored by the spring, which pushes the dart into the launch track, causing the soft bullet or dart to fly farther. The higher the pressure, the faster the muzzle acceleration, and the farther the soft bullet or dart will fly.

    The soft bullet blaster can have fun using this working principle and air compression mechanism, whether it is the simplest single-shot blaster with manual loading darts or a multi-barrel blaster gun.

    Do Soft Bullet Guns Safe?

    Toy gun safety has always been a major concern for consumers, players, and children's parents. Following that, we'll explain why these toy guns are extremely safe, based on the shooting range of a standard and regular nerf blaster gun, the muzzle velocity (fps), and the soft bullet material.

    The soft bullet guns produced by licensed regular manufacturers have very strict quality The inspection procedures and tests, as well as the extremely low initial velocity, will not produce an impact level strong enough to harm humans or animals, and there are no safety or legal concerns.

    The unmodified nerf blaster that consumers can buy on the market has a shooting range of 15-49 ft (4.6-15 meters), and the initial muzzle velocity is around 60 fps, rarely exceeding 100 fps. In normal use within the shooting range of this degree, the resistance generated by the large volume and friction of the air will not cause the safety problem of harming the impact force of the human body.

    Only a few adult professional-level soft bullet gun styles can reach 75 feet (23 meters), but in this case, players must wear full protective gear and play and use in standardized scenarios.

    Second, the materials used in the soft bullets are carefully chosen. Soft foam or soft EVA material are two common soft elastic materials. They are light in weight and density, and it is extremely difficult to create an impact force strong enough to harm the human body. However, you must still follow the instructions or instructions, wear protective equipment, and use it correctly.