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I gotta say real quick im a real person writing this (real review)

I bought it with no reviews. It was pretty sketchy, but it is such a nice gun so I made the choice. I thought it would take months to deliver, but it only took three days. Surprisingly it all came in one piece and nothing broken it’s really nice and has a good feel the weight of the gun is good too. Over all its a strong gun i shot my self from a distance and it left some bruises. It comes with a 11.1 battery and it shoots fast definitely in the 220 fps and above its a nice gun and just know the motor gets hot after a while of shooting im guessing thats normal i do recommend this ak. Also this is a real review from a real person too😂

Cruz Eliserio

Chaparral, NM


Great Gel Blaster

1A* very satisfied. good quality. everything is complete and nothing is missing. very very fast, nice and competent contact. i will definitely order again. you have won a new happy customer.


Los Angeles, CA



It’s really detailed but just remember it’s all made of plastic! It’s great to finally find a prop I can use for my cosplays! So if you are a cosplayer this website is a perfect place to get prop weapons!!!

Only thing I wished is some of the Blasters will be back on stock! I’m looking for a Gel Blaster Sniper! So please but the guns back on stock!!!! I wanna collect more!!!!

Jade Joyce

Longwood, FL


Uncertain at first

I was nervous about ordering from this website at first But they delivered and came through I would recommend them. The Sky Marshal is a cool toy revolver feels nice and heavy works fine.


Calexico, CA


Great product

So far my son is enjoying his birthday gift I would recommend this item.


Dayton, OH