AK102 Gel Blaster Toy Gun
AK102 Gel Blaster Toy Gun
AK102 Gel Blaster Toy Gun
AK102 Gel Blaster Toy Gun
AK102 Gel Blaster Toy Gun

AK102 Gel Blaster Toy Gun

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If you like the AK series, this pro-level AK102 gel blaster toy gun is a must-have for your gel blaster collection. It is primarily made of metal and solid nylon, has a sturdy overall frame, a metal detachable folding stock, and a length of 85cm after assembly (33.46 inches).

When you hold this gel blaster, you will notice that the craftsmanship and details are very fine; the shape perfectly restores the AK102, the shooting mode selector follows the classic AK series, and the metal triangle stock butt can be disassembled or folded. It is extremely convenient. It is equipped with a very practical nylon magazine with sufficient capacity for professional CQB players, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble, ensuring timely ammunition supply during the game.

This splatter ball gun's maneuverability and performance are also impressive. It has an average muzzle velocity of 240 feet per second and a shooting range of up to 98 feet. It has a new generation of recoil shock systems and two shooting modes: single shot and electric burst. In comparison to the small shooting mode selector of an ordinary gel blaster, this long-handled metal selector can assist you in quickly and accurately selecting the appropriate mode in the game; its handguard features a Picatinny rail for players who like to match optical instruments and accessories. If you're looking for a high-performance AK series orbeez toy gun for CQB, the AK102 is a good option.


  • Shooting range: 65-98 ft
  • FPS: 220-240
  • Ammo size: 7-8mm

What's in the box:

1 x AK102 Gel Ball Gun.
1 x Gel Ball Magazine
1 x Rechargeable Battery(11.1v)
1 x USB Charging Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I bought it

I bought it with no reviews. It was pretty sketchy, but it is such a nice gun so I made the choice. I thought it would take months to deliver, but it only took three days. Surprisingly it all came in one piece and nothing broken it’s really nice and has a good feel the weight of the gun is good too but i give it 4 stars because when i was putting the stock on it gave me a little trouble to put on it comes with this little metal thing and you have to hammer it in but sense it was a weak type of metal it started to strip but i got it in and the stock folds good i dont need the stock for the gun to work but its optional over all its a strong gun i shot my self from a distance and it left some bruises. It comes with a 11.1 battery and it shoots fast definitely in the 220 fps and above its a nice gun and just know the motor gets hot after a while of shooting im guessing thats normal i do recommend this ak. Also this is a real review from a real person too😂

Cruz Eliserio

I havent bought the gun yet to be clear but i have a few questions before i do purchase this

1.What kind of battery dose/can it us what does it come with.

2.What are the gears made out of plastic or metal.

3.what size of hop-up could i use whats the size do i buy for this gun.

Please answer im looking foward to buy it

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Product Related Questions

Here are some tips to help you quickly figure out the differences between our gel blasters and other options available on the market:

  • Material: Our gel blasters are crafted using high-quality sturdy nylon with metal components. In contrast, many cheaper alternatives are often made from low-quality plastics that may not offer the same durability and longevity.
  • Size: Our gel blasters are designed to be larger than most cheap options, such as the inexpensive KRISS VECTOR gel blaster. The larger size not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows for a more comfortable grip and improved handling during play.
  • Weight: Our gel blasters are built with a substantial weight of 1.5kg to 3.5kg. This weight gives them a solid and realistic feel, adding to the overall immersive experience. Cheaper alternatives may feel lighter and less substantial, potentially compromising the authenticity of the gameplay.
  • FPS (Feet Per Second): Our gel blasters boast an impressive FPS rating of 200-280, which ensures a powerful and satisfying shooting experience. In contrast, cheaper options may have a lower FPS rating, typically around 100-180, resulting in reduced shooting range and impact.

4 hours

If you want your gel balls to function in their full size and efficiency, then we suggest that you soak them for at least 4 hours in clean water. For best results, soak your gel balls overnight. Once your gel balls are ready, use a strainer or sieve to clean off the excess water before playing.